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November 13, 2013

With over 10 years experience in the lingerie fashion industry, online magazine, Fashion Bust, are experts in all areas of intimate apparel. Like us at, the website is passionate about finding the perfect fit and keeps women up-to-date with the latest news, trends and competitions. So with the party season on its way, we thought we’d get in touch with Fashion Bust’s, Lotte Debell, who reveals all her tips and tricks for shapewear to see you through the festive season. Find out what Lotte had to say below…

I’m a great believer in shapewear and it has become such a part of my daily wardrobe that I hardly think about it anymore. Why wear normal tights when you can wear shaping tights? And a pretty pair of high-waisted shaping briefs is as much a part of my ‘posh night out outfit’ as the dress.

However, a lot people think shapewear is something they can buy without much thought, and that’s a mistake. You should put as much care and effort into choosing the right shapewear as you would any other item of underwear if you want it to work for you. If it doesn’t fit properly or doesn’t work with your outfit, you may as well not have bothered.

The first thing to think about is exactly how much shaping you want – firm control or a smoothing out of lumps and bumps or somewhere in between? A common complaint with early shapewear garments was that they were too tight and uncomfortable, but that’s all changed. These days shapewear comes in different levels of compression, from light for a gentle smoothing effect to firm for greater shaping and control.

Shapewear can work with your normal underwear; it doesn’t have to replace it. If you’ve spent a long time finding the bra that fits just right, choose shapewear that allows you to wear your own bra to maintain the shape you want.

Choose light shaping for everyday wear and select a higher level for special occasions or outfits. Think about your outfit and how easy your shapewear will be to get on and off. If you want all-over shaping under your dress, you may be better off with a shaping slip than a full body shaping suit.

Next, be realistic and work with your figure. Choose pieces that enhance your natural curves and don’t assume that the tighter the better. Wearing shapewear that is too tight or too small is not only uncomfortable, it can be unflattering as well. And always remember that you are adding layers when you put on shapewear, so look for lightweight, breathable fabrics.

Shapewear is meant for smoothing so you don’t want it cutting in at the edges. Look for shapewear with flat, bonded, or folded seams or lace edging that will sit flat against your skin.

If you have a particular outfit in mind, take it shopping with you so you can try on the shapewear with the outfit and choose the pieces that work best. If you’re shopping online, take note of the details such as where waistlines, leglines and seams sit so you choose pieces that will work with your outerwear.

Shapewear isn’t just for women who want to look slimmer. The right piece of shapewear can help create curves for women who are not naturally curvy by cinching in the waist and emphasising the hips and bust.

Finally, shapewear can be sexy! Don’t assume that just because you’re wearing shapewear, you can’t have sexy underwear. And it doesn’t just have to be black or nude. Look for colour, lace and pretty details, and remember, big knickers are in!

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