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January 23, 2013

Our Email Marketing Manager, Hayley, has taken a different approach to fitness, one that fills a lot of us in the office with dread but she swears by it and we hear all about her latest session on a weekly basis. So here goes…Boot Camp!

“In March last year I started Regiment Fitness Bootcamp Training after finding a  deal of 10 sessions for £10. I figured for £10 it was worth a try even though I never imagined I would book an eleventh. Well by my second session I was hooked and over the past year I’ve sometimes trained up to four times a week.

It’s great being outside…we train in ALL weather conditions and suprisingly the rain and the mud can make it even more enjoyable. I can recommend the Nike Legend Tight Pant for drying quickly and keeping the mud out!

Nike Legend Tight Pant

Nike Legend Tight Pant

Each session is different, starting with a group warm up, army drills, high knees, arm pumps, and if its muddy a camo crawl through the mud. This is followed by circuit sessions which are different every time but feature a variety of static exercises, press ups, sit ups, squats, explosive jumps and running shuttles.

It’s no easy ride! The hardest circuit I’ve done is a circle with 10 posts, you run to each post and complete 10 reps at each post, so by the time you’re finished you’ve done 100 press ups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups and it goes on.

The sessions also include boxing and relay races running with tyres, heavy jerry cans or even logs but there is a real team atmosphere, you all cheer each other on and the instructors push you to make the most out of every session.

I love how friendly the sessions are, how the trainers motivate you to try harder and how different each session is.  At the gym I would never push myself this hard and I’ve even converted a few people in the office…you should try it too!”

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