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January 8, 2013

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? They can after all be quite hard to keep in January! Well we want to help, so this year we’ve made some big promises to make your New Year‘s Resolutions last the whole year through…and here’s how.

You: In 2013…I will be more active.

Us: For all of January we’re offering you 15% off the very best performance enhancing activewear styles, from swim to running, yoga to the gym. Short of someone getting fit for you, what better excuse do you need? Shop now.

You: I will support my assets.

Us: Throughout the website we encourage our customers to review their purchases so that everyone can shop with confidence and learn from each others reviews. This year we promise to stock plenty of styles that you have rated with 5 stars so you can confidently stay supported! Shop now

You: I will treat myself to more of the things I love.

Us: We know the brands you love, so we’re promising to stock all the latest styles from your favourites. Shop now.  

You: I will travel more.

Us: Whether you need a bikini for the hot tub on your ski holiday or your escaping far away climes, we make sure that from January to December, we have a sensational collection of swimwear for men and women…so you’ll always have swimwear for any occasion. Shop now.  

You: I will only wear the sexiest lingerie.

Us: It’s not just for your partner, it’s for you! Uncover the sexiest lingerie, nightwear and hosiery in seductive silk and lace –  we’ll help you to make 2013 your sexiest year yet. Shop now.

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  1. …. let me see…keeping active?…or the things I love?…tough choice!
    Have a great day!

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