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May 22, 2013

Introducing the brand new bra from Lepel that promises to banish your wardrobe blues forever. The Multi Tasker is Lepel’s first ever multi-tasking bra and it does not disappoint.

You know the feeling… you’re getting ready to go out, but you can’t find the right bra. Clothes are flying everywhere, you feel hot and flustered and your bedroom ends up looking like a tornados hit. Sound familiar? Well you’ll never have to experience this wardrobe malfunction again, because The Multi Tasker can be worn in virtually any way, with any outfit.

Easily adaptable with 8 wonderful ways to wear and 100 positions, the multi-loop elastic on the neck, edge and wing, means that you can wear this bra to suit any neckline. Go conventional, crossover, halterneck and even one shoulder, plus many more – The Multi Tasker is the ultimate in versatility. If you have to see it to believe then just check out the picture below.

Impressed? It gets better… this innovative bra is available in black and nude. Designed with a subtle tiger print, The Multi Tasker manages to maintain a stylish look whilst being highly functional. Plus, the luxurious fabric and soft micro fibre adjustable straps provide an almost invisible look under clothes. Wow!

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