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May 29, 2013

Pebble toys are beautifully handmade and utterly adorable. But behind these lovely toys is an inspirational story. Across rural Bangladesh, Pebble produce their toys by a workers co-operative which provides local women with fairly paid employment. By offering jobs in rural locations, the women of Bangladesh can work towards a better life nearby to their homes, meaning that they do not have to leave their families to try and find work in the large city of Dhaka. With everything having to be done by hand, life is hard and, in some locations, close to poverty.

However, rural Bangladesh is a beautiful place to work and as Pebble provides centres throughout Bangladesh, the grandparents, children and women, can all gather in the same place as the ladies work, offering a homely feel to a safe and flexible working environment. In a market full of mass-produced toys, it’s really refreshing and uplifting to meet a company like Pebble. From the fairly paid jobs, to high-quality products and the happy children who receive the toys, the whole production process is one of positivity and equality.

Pebble toys are made from a gorgeous array of cotton yarns in a variety of colours and are expertly crocheted to the highest of standards. Here are just a few of the many lovely toys that Pebble has to offer –

The Pebble Elephant Handmade Toy is hand knitted from 100% cotton and makes a lovable companion.

A perfect best friend to your little one, the Pebble Tiger Handmade Toy is oh-so-cute with his hand knitted stripes.

The Pebble Octopus Handmade Toy is simply adorable and perfect for cuddles.

If you love Pebble toys as much as we do, then click here to view the whole Pebble range.


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