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London Fashion Week: Top 5 Lingerie Faux Pas’… And How To Avoid ThemAdd to favorites1448

February 13, 2014

We’ve all been there… a bad case of VPL, an unsightly bra strap and even squeezing into a bra that’s too small! With London Fashion Week approaching, we’ve been reflecting on the worst lingerie faux pas’ of all time. So to help avoid any potential wardrobe malfunctions, we’ve named and shamed the worst lingerie crimes so you don’t get caught in the act! Check out the top offenders below…

1. Faux Pas: Exposed bra strap

Solution: Wear a strapless bra

Many bra straps are so gorgeous and decorative that they are made to be seen. However, if you’re wearing a strapless dress for example, it’s best to stick with a strapless bra as some straps can look unflattering. We think that the Ultimo Strapless Plunge Bra is the best choice as not only does it offers a supportive and smooth strapless look, but it can also been worn in 5 different ways.

2. Faux Pas: VPL

Solution: Seamfree underwear

It’s no surprise that VPL (Visible panty line) has made it into the top 5! If you’re making your London Fashion Week debut in a bodycon dress or a pair of tight trousers, perfect your look with seamfree underwear. The Sloggi Light Ultra Soft Short offers a super smooth fit that will look invisible under your clothes.

3. Faux Pas: Wearing no bra at all

Solution: Opt for a super smooth bra

Wearing no bra at all is a big no no! A properly fitting bra will support you and create a natural looking shape as well preventing any wardrobe malfunctions. In an on-trend cobalt shade, the Freya Deco Underwired Plunge Bra is perfect for creating a super smooth shape and a flawless silhouette.

However if you really can’t wear a bra with your outfit, cover your modesty with the Fashion Forms Fashion Forms Re-Usable Gel Petals

4. Faux pas: Wearing a black bra under a light t-shirt

Solution: Wear a nude bra instead

If you wear a black bra under a light t-shirt it will most likely look see-through. The trick is to choose a bra colour that matches your skin tone as closely as possible and it will look almost invisible under your clothes. We recommend the Just Peachy by Talia T-shirt Bra.

5. Faux pas: Wearing a push up bra that’s too small

Solution: Wearing the right size push up bra

Wearing a push up bra that’s a size smaller won’t give you a better cleavage. Instead it will squish your bust into an unnatural looking shape. Discover your correct size – if you’re not sure try our Bra Calculator – and choose a properly fitting bra for the perfect cleavage and amazing uplift. We think that the Chantelle Paris Paris Push Up Bra is a great choice. You’ll feel much more confident wearing the right size!

Enjoy London Fashion Week!

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