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June 13, 2014

After winning Lorraine’s Model Mates competition, being on live TV and jetting off to sunny Ibiza for a photoshoot, it’s safe to say that the last few weeks have been a whirlwind for Charlotte, Ellesha, Camilla and Rufaro.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the 4 friends to talk all things friendship, modelling and body confidence. Find out what they had to say.

What made you enter Lorraine’s Model Mates competition?

Charlotte: I often watch Lorraine in the mornings as that’s when I get back from doing the school run, and just thought what an amazing experience that would be for us. And we were looking to have a girly break this year to celebrate Rufaro’s 30th birthday so it was a perfect competition, but never did we think we would actually win it!

Ellesha: After Charlotte had told me she had seen the competition whilst watching Lorraine, I decided to enter us as we have been friends for so long, and love to capture memories by always posing for pictures.  We just thought; “let’s enter as it would be a chance of a lifetime”.  It would be a chance for us to let our friendship shine through and no matter what happened we’d still have each other.  I honestly didn’t even think we would hear anything back.  Even to the point of deleting my entry the day before I received the phone call that we had made the Semi Finals.

Charlotte: For over ten years now, we can still remember the day we met like it was yesterday. We’ve always said we will be friends till we are old and senile and then we can become new friends.


Did you enjoy the photoshoot?

Charlotte: At first the photoshoot was a bit scary, I think for most women the prospect of being seen in a bikini is daunting and knowing it will be seen nationally made it even more so! But the Curvy Kate team were so reassuring and made us feel so relaxed that it made it all so much fun. We learnt a lot about our bodies and feel like we can do anything now.

Rufaro: I thoroughly enjoyed the photoshoot. Initially I was nervous, but the whole of the CK family were there to ensure I was at ease and guided me through the whole experience. By the time it was over, I wanted more!

Ellesha: Enjoy it?! That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one!  It was the best experience I have ever had.  From start to finish everyone made me feel so comfortable and so very special.  We had the most wonderful team to work with, beautiful surroundings and modelling (can’t believe I’m using that word in a sentence) the most beautiful swimwear.  I have totally started to look at myself in a more positive light, and that is all down to how I was treated on the photoshoot.


What is your favourite Curvy Kate swimwear piece?

Charlotte: My favourite is the Marina Bikini. I loved the fit, and the colour and bows make it look super cute on. I highly recommend it!

Camilla: I love both the Coral Reef and Seashell. I loved how they fitted on my top half being smaller chested and the designs and cute details.

Rufaro: My favourite Curvy Kate swimwear piece is the Birds of Paradise set. I’m slightly heavier on my bottom half and I felt this flattered me well. Also a very comfortable fit!

How have you found the overall experience?

Camilla:I found the overall experience a dream and was so overwhelmed with all mixed emotions. It’s been amazing and so thankful for everyone that voted for us! I’ve now gained more confidence in myself!

Rufaro: I found this whole experience absolutely mind blowing! Never in a million years did I think I’d be a swimwear model! It’s all happened at a very rapid pace too. I’m so grateful to the nation for giving us all the opportunity to do this. We’re just enjoying and embracing every second. We don’t want it to end!


What are your tips to looking good at the beach?

Camilla: Tips for looking good at the beach is having confidence in yourself, wearing well fitted swimwear and don’t get burned – wear sun screen protection!

Rufaro: My tips to looking good at the beach would be; be yourself!

Where is your dream holiday destination?

Rufaro: One of my dream holiday destinations was in fact Ibiza but now that’s ticked off the list! I’d love to go somewhere like The Maldives.

Ellesha: Oooh this is a tough one, I think my dream holiday destination would be Hawaii as I love to relax on the beach and also take in the culture. I also wouldn’t mind dancing in a grass skirt!

What’s the key to a good friendship?

Camilla: Honesty, support through the good and the bad times and having lots of fun together!

Rufaro: The key to a good friendship is simply being there for one another. There will always be some mountains to climb and obstacles to accomplish in life, but having true, good, strong friends, there’s no doubt you’ll always get there.


What can’t you head to the beach without?

Charlotte: Music and sunglasses are my must for the beach.

Rufaro: I can’t head to the beach without sun cream, water, music and a book! The simple things.

Ellesha: I echo Rufaro, definitely, sun cream! It’s all about protecting your skin.  I also love a nice pair of sunglasses and of course a Curvy Kate bikini.

What are you looking forward to most as the new faces and bodies of Curvy Kate?

Camilla: I’m proud to be a swimwear model as I never thought I could be being 5ft tall and after having two children! Hopefully to encourage others to get measured correctly for their bust size and inspire them to be proud of whatever shape/size/height they may be! Show your curves!

Rufaro: I am most looking forward to showing off my curves! This whole experience has taught me to love my body and be confident in my own skin. I’d like to think that we can help be a role model for others out there that have perhaps wanted to do something similar but didn’t believe they could. We are living proof that dreams really do come true! We all feel so blessed and happy to be representing Curvy Kate. Thank you again to those that voted.

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