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Bra styles

To find the right bra for you, you will have to take into account not only your size, but your body shape and lifestyle too. Different bras suit different occasions and lifestyles, from push-up or plunge bras for a night out to maternity and nursing.

balconette bra

A balconette bra has wide set shoulder straps and a horizontal appearance to the neckline. Ideal for garments with a square or round neckline.

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Plunge bra

A plunge bra has a deep 'V' shape to the neckline. This bra style will reveal more cleavage. Ideal for garments with a very low neckline.

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Push up bra

A push-up bra is designed to push the bust upwards with padding to give the maximum cleavage effect. Ideal for giving your bust an extra boost.

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Full CUp bra

A full cup bra is a style that offers more coverage and support. Ideal for women with larger cups or a soft fleshy bust.

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t-shirt bra

A t-shirt bra is usually lightly padded and moulded for a smooth fit with no cup seams. Ideal for eliminating seam show-through in t-shirts.

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Padded bra

A padded bra has foam lining in the cups. Ideal for eliminating nipple show through and for creating a smooth shape. This style does not always mean adding inches to your bust.

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non wired bra

A non-wired bra does not contain a wire. All of the support comes from the shape of the style combined with the fabrics and the components. Ideal for comfort.

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half cup bra

A half cup bra offers limited coverage, it may just cover the nipple and offers minimal support. These styles are usually 'boudoir' pieces.

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minimiser bra

A minimiser bra is non-padded with a large, flexible wire. This style is designed to reduce the bust measurement by flattening the bust against the body. Ideal for minimising larger busts.

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multiway & strapless bra

A multiway bra has straps that can be re-positioned to offer options of halter-neck, cross back or one shoulder. A strapless bra is designed to give 100% of the support needed in a bra from around the underband. Ideal for evening wear.

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Sports bra

Sports bras offer support and reduction in bounce and stretch to the ligaments in the bust. All bra sizes should wear sports bras to avoid sagging. Ideal for activity with high impact.

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maternity bra

Maternity bras are usually non-wired and have additional hook and eyes to allow for rib movement and fluctuation in bust size during pregnancy.

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nursing bra

Nursing bras have additional hook and eyes to allow for rib movement and fluctuation in bust size after pregnancy. A nursing bra will have drop clips in the cups for feeding.

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mastectomy bra

A mastectomy bra may have hidden internal pockets to support a prosthesis or breastform after surgery.

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