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First bras

When you first start to develop a bust it is important to find a well-fitting, comfortable and supportive first bra or teen bra.

These bras are specially designed for girls whose busts are still developing. Your breasts may feel tender as they develop so we recommend you choose a bra that is soft. We would not usually advise someone with growing breasts to select an underwired bra, but if you do choose to wear one, ensure that you regularly check the fit and ensure that the wire is not too rigid to avoid damaging delicate breast tissue.

As your body changes through puberty, each breast may develop at different times, but don't worry, they will even up.

Helpful hints for when you choose your first bra:

  • Choose a bra that is soft. Depending on your cup size you are advised to select styles without underwiring.
  • Make sure you check the fit regularly. Everyone develops at different times, but it's important to make sure your bra doesn't get too small to ensure that no damage can be made to the breast tissue.
  • We would usually recommend finding a bra that fits on the loosest hook, but when choosing your first bra we recommend that you choose a bra that fits on the tightest hook so you will have room to grow.
  • Try lots of different bras and different brands. They all fit slightly differently so it's worth spending time finding the most comfortable bra for you.
  • Look for fabrics that stretch as they will offer more comfort and allow you to grow.
The impact on developing breasts when carrying out sporting activity can put a strain on breast ligaments, so don't forget to use a sports bra.
Get to know your breasts. Although breast cancer is rare in teenage girls it is important that you get used to checking your breasts regularly. This way it will be easier to notice lumps and irregularities.
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