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Knicker styles

From sexy thongs to super flattering shorts, discover the knicker style to suit you with the help of our knicker style guide.

bikini knicker

Bikini knickers are shaped to flatter and offer good, but not full, rear coverage.

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brazilian knicker

Brazilian knickers are a slightly sexier shape than bikini knickers and offer slightly less rear coverage.

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french knicker

French knickers generally sit quite low on the hips. They offer quite a loose fit with wide sides.

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Full knicker

Full knickers sit high on the waist and give full rear coverage.

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Shorties offer full rear coverage. Sexier styles will be cut away slightly at the back.

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thong & g-string

Thongs and g-strings offer a sexy, line-free finish. Thongs offer minimal coverage but usually with wider sides than g-strings with string sides.

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