Men's Shapewear Guide

Designed for men who want to look and feel in great shape, Sculptees are crafted from quality fabrics to sculpt your physique

Sculptees are designed to lift and support your torso to give
you an enhanced profile. These high performance seamless
garments use targeted compression points to support the core
and create the appearance of a stronger physique


  • Streamline your physique
  • Improve posture
  • Crafted from soft microfibre for comfort

When to wear
With subtle compression, Sculptees are soft and comfortable
for the gym or everyday wear

Brand recommended on ITV's This Morning in December 2010

Slim Shaping T-shirt: 5 Star Review
"I love these, they definitely help sculpt your pecs and... have done wonders for my posture. They pull my shoulders back and make me sit up that little bit straighter without being uncomfortable..." Male, 25 - 40

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