Men's Shapewear Guide

Designed to support your core and shape your physique, RIP'T FUSION offers a collection of comfortable, body-sculpting undershirts for everyday

Ript Fusion
RIP'T FUSION is a collection of body-sculpting undershirts
designed to support your core, slim your body and improve
your posture. RIP'T will give you instant confidence and
make you feel better in your clothes


  • Shapes and slims the torso
  • Supports your core
  • Available in 'Big and Tall' range

When to wear
RIP'T FUSION is soft and comfortable for everyday wear
under your shirt

RIP'T FUSION V Neck Torso Enhancing Undershirt: 5 Star Review
"...Tailored to fit closely and to provide support, particularly of the abdomen...These garments are not only comfortable to wear but give a feeling of confidence and assurance..." Male, Over 60

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