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Changes in bra size

Throughout your life your bra size is likely to change. Your bra size can vary slightly throughout the month, but there are times when your size can change significantly.

These are the times we suggest you re-check your fit.

When to check the fit?

  • When your body shape changes. This could be with weight loss or gain, but it could also be as a result of a new gym routine.
  • During your monthly cycle. It's possible to gain a whole cup size and you might need a different bra for those days when your breasts are quite tender.
  • When you're pregnant and just after you've given birth. Your breasts will start to swell in the first weeks of pregnancy and then again if you decide to breast-feed. When you stop breastfeeding they'll change size yet again.
  • If you lose muscle tone and elasticity in your skin. For example, as you age or when you stop breastfeeding. This may result in needing a different bra size and style, such as, a full cup bra which will give more support and coverage.
  • If you start taking any hormonal medication, for example, the pill or HRT.
  • If your bras are getting old and uncomfortable, they may be at the end of their life.

Even if none of the above applies to you, we still recommend checking your bra size at least once a year.

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