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Our fit mission

To help women everywhere find a perfectly fitting bra.

We want you to feel comfortable, supported and look great too. We believe that finding the right bra style and more importantly the right fit, can be life changing.

Every woman deserves to feel fantastic and we believe that your confidence can be given a boost from a well fitting bra. It is not normal for your bras to rub or pinch so don't resign yourself to a life of lingerie misery - there is a vast selection of lingerie out there that fits you and when you understand the most common problems, not only will you feel more comfortable, but your bra will outline your shape; instantly making you look and feel slimmer as well as improving your posture. Our mission is simple... to help you find the fit that will look great and feel so comfortable that you can forget that you're are wearing a bra.

The most common fitting problem we come across is women wearing a band size that is too loose and a cup size that is too small.

most common fitting problem

Our model arrived for a fitting wearing a 34C bra which was riding up at the back and offered little support. This caused her to hunch forward and allowed her bust to drop lower than the mid-line between her shoulder point and her elbow.

Her back band was too big and her cup size too small. After being fitted, our model found that her correct size is a 32E. The new bra size makes her appear taller and has given her a more confident posture. In the correct bra not only are her breasts properly supported, but her torso looks longer.

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