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The History of Bra Fitting

The bra sizing system was developed over 70 years ago.

Since then, body shapes and sizes have changed a great deal. We want you to feel comfortable, supported and look great too.

Problems with the classic tape measuring system include:

The classic bra sizing system was designed for cup sizes A to D taking 2 measurements; one around your ribcage and one at the fullest point. Bras are now available up to a K cup and beyond and the traditional measuring technique does not work.

The system relies on you wearing a bra to be measured. If you start with the wrong size bra (which is likely) then your measurement will not be accurate at the end. For example, if you are wearing a bra that emphasises or reduces the protrusion of your breasts, you will get a different measurement. This is particularly the case for larger cup sizes.

The tape measure system ignores the shape of the ribcage. If, for example, you have broad shoulders that taper to a small waist, you might end up with too large a cup size since the cup measurement won't take your wider ribcage into account, attributing too much volume to the breasts.

Our bestselling size is a 32F.

Our customer services team report that often customers phone for fitting advice wearing D or DD cups and by the end of the telephone consultation they order garments that are E or F cups with smaller band sizes - instantly slimmer! A well fitting bra will give you better shape and proportion.

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