Our AW17 campaign, ‘A Shape For Every Shape’, is in full swing and we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to our fabulous models. Showcasing 3 different women from 3 different countries and with 3 different body shapes, our new campaign is all about celebrating body positivity and the beauty of diversity. Here's what our models had to say...

Soleil Hulscher – Born in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and a Dominican mother, Soleil (which means ‘Sun’ in French) has a bachelor’s degree in History and can speak 6 languages. Oh, and she lives by the motto: “Normality bores me… Show me some diversity”.

Christine Sofie Johansen – Scouted in her hometown in Denmark, Christine started modelling 11 years ago. She is passionate about not talking about ‘plus size’ as a negative thing and believes a model should be a model regardless of their shape or size. Go Christine!

Laura Wells – Born in Sydney, Australia, Laura is an international model, presenter and environmentalist. Holding degrees in both Biology and Law, she has a passion for the environment, a love for the ocean and an interest in climate change which has led her to become a positive ambassador for change. Pretty impressive, right?

What are your secrets to feeling body confident?

S: Not comparing myself to others. It's when I don’t compare myself to others that I feel most in my own strength.

L: Be passionate and don't worry about what other people think of you! You will never be perfect in everyone's eyes but that shouldn't matter because if you are being a nice person and giving back, their opinions don't count.

C: Being well rested and hydrated!

"Christine: Why can't a model just be a model regardless of the size and shape?"

What was your favourite part of the shoot day?

S: Shooting with a strong, inspiring and mostly female team.

L: Lunch time is by far the best time! And meeting new people with different stories and learning new things about them.

Have you noticed a change in the fashion industry in terms of different body shapes?

S: Yes, I’ve definitely seen a change in terms of different body shapes, skin colours, ages and interesting looks. I love that you see more diversity in ads, campaigns and TV. Social media has been a great platform for introducing and sharing more diversity in the fashion world. I do believe there’s still a way to go. Especially in the high fashion world there’s still a lot of pressure on girls to be very skinny.

C: I think everybody has noticed the wave of change that's on the move. To be quite frank I'm really over talking about shapes and sizes and straight size and plus size. Why can't a model just be a model regardless of the size and shape?

How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

S: Adventurous, nerdy, social butterfly.

C: Outgoing, positive, hilarious.

What does sexy mean to you?

S: Being confident about who you are and how you look.

L: To me sexy is confidence. It is being authentic, giving back to the planet and those around you and doing the things you want regardless of societal norms or stereotypes. Be you!

What’s the number one beauty tip you live by?

S: Smile a lot! It makes you glow, puts you in a good mood and people just look way more beautiful when they smile.

C: Water, sleep, repeat.

What can you never leave home without?

S: I never leave home without a book or a notebook.

L: My reusable water bottle, cutlery, containers, cup, straws and bag! You might be able to tell I'm trying to reducing my plastic consumption as much as possible.

C: Phone, lip balm and sunglasses.

If you were the star of a film, which actress would play you?

S: I would love to be played by Meryl Streep. Even though she’s much older, white and blue eyed. Think it could be a very interesting movie that would confuse the hell out of people and maybe let them look beyond looks, age and colour.

Tell us a secret.

S: I have a watermelon addiction. You could basically wake me up at every time of the day for it.

L: I have a biology degree and a law degree and I am passionate about conserving our oceans and reducing the amount of single use disposable plastic.

C: If I told you it wouldn't be a secret anymore!

Who is your role model?

S: Strong women inspire me and Oprah Winfrey is definitely one of them! I love how she overcame many obstacles in her life and made them into her strength.

L: My role models are women who have stepped outside the boundaries and have achieved things through improbability and are helping the planet and others for the benefit of everyone. Some of these women are: Sylvia Earle (oceanographer) Nan Hauser (whale biologist) Natalie Issacs (founder of organisation 1 million Women).

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

S: Appreciate what you have now, because it’s what you once dreamed of.

L: My best piece of advice given was 'be the change you want to see'. I try to practice this every day in order to leave a minimal footprint and ensure the environment will be healthy and beautiful for future generations.

C: Treat others, like you would like to be treated.

And if you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

S: Advice I would give my younger self: 'being different is cool'!

L: I would tell my younger self to not compare how I look to anyone else. My size is not related to my worth!

C: Huge issues that mean a lot become secondary with you get older.


Jessica Flexton


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