What does sexy mean to you?

To celebrate the month of love, we’re taking a look at what sexy means to you. Not to men; but to women. What makes you feel sexy and what does this term even mean to you?

Whereas in the past sexy has tended to centre on the male gaze, we felt that with today’s body positive and self-love focus, it’s now more about how women feel. And we wanted to see if we were right.

We reached out to some of our favourite bloggers to share thoughts, and also that of their followers, and here’s what they had to say…

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Does [sexy] have to be solely about the appearance or the body of a person? I don’t think so. For me, it’s about being (genuinely) confident in your own skin, being intelligent and proud of who you are, being kind and caring and taking control of your life… sexy doesn’t have to be your typical black and red lace lingerie!

Alexlight_ldn’s followers say…

kirstymcman: I love the sound of this campaign – what a nice step away from the norm, just what we need right now!!

annett.sarah: To me it’s all about being the best that you can be and to heck what anyone else thinks! Confidence is the best interpretation of sexy!

Sexy to me is all about carrying a degree of confidence. Cliche to say, but confidence really is sexy! Knowing that you are an amazing, beautiful person will light you up from the inside and it’s something that people pick up on straight away.

Having the confidence to wear lingerie in public, showcasing my scars and rolls is something that has taken a long time for me to muster, but I haven’t looked back (and haven’t had any complaints tbh) especially when you get to adorn your body in beautiful lingerie such as this set from @figleavesofficial.

Nerdabouttown’s followers say…

jassmine_anggel: Sexy = confidence to me, being settled in your power and strength and comfortable in your sexuality.

curvyandtrans: Sexy in a garment is elegance balanced with form. It’s taking the natural beauty of the person and enhancing it through highlighting and masking. Sexy in a person is self assurance, which is just another way to say confidence. Sexy is knowing who you are, what you got, and not being afraid to demonstrate it.

metalgimli: Hot body is nothing with terrible personality.

Sexy to me is confidence, self love and a little bit of sass! Sexy isn’t about the male gaze and how others perceive you, it’s about being positive, radiant and feeling 100% you!

Sexy is knowing exactly who you are.
Sexy is how you carry your beautiful self.
Sexy is the knowledge that other people’s opinions do not make you any less than the badass babe you are.

The_em_edit’s followers say…

mindthecurvesza: I really battle to find myself sexy. Most of the time I just feel silly! Pretty sure it’s something to do with having boobs from the age of 9.

notoshtosh: Yessss girl! To me, the sexiest thing a person can have is passion for something. There’s nothing sexier than when someone is passionately telling you about their ideas, job, opinions, whatever.

size16stylist: I think the sexiest thing is knowing yourself and owning it.

What sexy means to me – throwing on a good, flattering set of lingerie and the BIGGEST smile (because no lingerie set is ever really complete without a smile – happiness and confidence will always radiate from within!).

Frockmeimfamous’ followers say…

ellenextdoor: I absolutely LOVE this. Sexy is all about the confidence for me. Nothing like putting on your fave underwear with a slick of red lipstick. And a tan.

danielleelias85: Stops work. Immediately Google’s Figleaves to find this set! Looks fab!

Sexuality is so complex for me and I think it is for a lot of women whose bodies are oversexualised from a young age. You can feel like your body doesn’t belong to you. It’s often hard to work out what ‘sexy’ means to you when you’ve constantly been told that your sexuality is related to what men want.

I’ve been thinking about it for a couple days now and I think sexy to me is directly related to acceptance. It’s sexy to me when people are open and accepting about who they are and about their bodies. Honesty, safety, and love. That’s what I find sexy.

Being ‘sexy’ is hard for me to describe because it’s a feeling and can feel different every time. From me waking up looking a mess to being all glammed up in a hot outfit. It just isn’t one expression…

I guess feeling sexy is feeling desired by yourself – like if I wasn’t me, I would want me. Yea, that’s how it feels!! And trust me, it hasn’t always been this way.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. Perhaps because I felt so devoid of sexiness for so long. I felt that sexiness and sensuality was something that had to be bestowed on me, rather than something I could take for myself.

More and more I find that confidence is sexy. Owning what you have and who you are. Accepting yourself. Living with authenticity and honesty. These are very seductive traits to me. And the more I’ve owned my own beauty the more I’ve found my own sexiness. For so long I allowed these faux limitations set by society and the media to shape how I saw myself. It never occurred to me that to be sexy all I had to do was shrug off those perceptions and expectations and own who I was and what I have.

Curvesncurlsuk’s followers say…

littlemj26: … For my sexiness I don’t know I guess I’m still trying to figure it all out.

passion_for_fashion_sally: There’s a sexy in everyone of us….

missjennjenn: Your words are amazing, sexiness isn’t about other people. To me it’s all about oneself and how you feel.

charli_russon: … It’s quite simple, sexy to me is confidence. The quiet type of confidence that is just being happy in yourself.

oddsandtrends_: Love that bralette! I rarely feel sexy but some nice underwear under my clothes definitely helps!

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Laura Barrett

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