Bridal lingerie: solved

Choosing your wedding day lingerie is almost as important as the dress itself. Well, ok, maybe not quite as important, but it is vital to ensure you feel totally fabulous and beautiful on the day.

Here’s our top tips when it comes to choosing your perfect bridal lingerie:

  • We probably don’t need to say it, but just in case, always choose your dress before your lingerie so you know if it’s strapless, low back or halter. This lets you find the perfect solution lingerie.
  • Think about your dress when selecting your lingerie; you want something feminine but you don’t want it to interfere with the finish of your dress. If it is very tight fitting you might need something smooth and seamless. Your dress and lingerie are very intertwined.
  • Brides-to-be are prone to losing weight in the lead up to the big day, if this sounds like you it could be worth checking that your size hasn’t changed. You can do this by scheduling a skype session with one of our experienced fitters (who can also advise on the best style for your shape and your dress).
  • Don’t always feel you must choose white or cream lingerie. Some brides choose the colour to match their bridesmaids or their flowers. If it can’t be seen, it doesn’t matter.
  • Always take your lingerie to every dress fitting.
  • You can have your bra sewn into the dress if you wish – just speak to your dress maker.
  • Move around a lot at your dress fittings to check it all holds in place.
  • Choose underwear that’s feminine as well as flattering and supportive so you feel out of this world.


Many bridal dresses are strapless to show off the feminine décolletage, but this can cause lingerie questions for your big day. The last thing you want is a strapless bra that creeps downward and you can’t trust. But with our selection of supportive, uplifting and stay-put strapless bras, we can give you an extra bit of confidence so all you need to do is radiate and have fun.


Baring your back on any occasion can be a daring move, and if you’re showcasing this elegant body part on your wedding day, then you need to consider the support you need. While some brides might feel they don’t need a bra, or have cups sewn into the front of the dress, others will want lingerie support. If that’s you, gain the hold and reassurance you need from our stick-on lingerie solutions so you can wear style and confidence on your special day.

Tight fitting

If your frock is a tight-fitting fishtail rather than a meringue you can hide in, then you might like to try some shapewear to enhance your wedding day figure. Nude colours and seamless finishes ensure it’s kept a secret on the big day. Whether you need the secretive support of some shorts for your thighs and bottom or want entire body shaping, we have a wide variety that could work for you.

Laura Barrett

Having styled for celebrity magazine shoots and written for many lifestyle brands, Figleaves Content Editor Laura Barrett is on hand to offer fashion news, style inspiration, trend updates and collection reviews.