Getting through self-isolation

We don’t need to tell you that we are living in uncertain times at the moment with the arrival of the Coronavirus. And while many of us are working from home, self-isolating or social distancing, it’s important to take active measures to keep ourselves feeling as positive as possible. So some of the Figleaves Family have recommended their favourite TV shows, books, playlists and more to help keep your mind active and healthy. It looks like most of us could benefit from a good cooking class…

Jo’s top WFH tips

Our head of HR, Jo Stevenson, has shared her expert advice on how to get through a prolonged working-from-home period…

“Many of us are used to working from home 1 or 2 days a week, however as organisations seek to mitigate the impact of Corona virus more of us are being asked to work from home on a longer-term basis.

At Figleaves, we already have a fantastic working from anywhere culture and since early March a large majority of us have been working from home to put our processes to the test in these unprecedented times.

It’s also been important for us to recognise that working from home is not for everyone, many of us thrive off social interaction and collaborating face-to-face, some of my own learnings from this week to support sustained remote working are:

Keep team spirit going!

We use Microsoft Teams for all our meetings, using the video option (for those that are comfortable) to feel that we have the next best thing to being together in the office.  In addition, we have numerous chat threads happening, from sharing photos of pets and family members, lovely different views people have from being in a different environment and even online lunches. We’ve also added in a daily working from home update in the mornings, just a chance for anyone who wants to join to catch up on what’s happening. This is all so important to keep morale raised and positive energy flowing as well as keeping our team spirit going.

Focus on your wellbeing

It’s important to recognise that working in your home environment can create a whole new set of stress factors. Look at your working space, is it conducive to working on a more prolonged basis from home? Make sure you are scheduling downtime away from the screen. Working at home can, for many, see significant increases to the time spent in front of a screen and a decrease in rest time so it’s crucial that you step away. Think about the fuel that you are putting into your body – lots of water, I know I personally find this much harder to be conscious of when I am working at home.

At Figleaves we are sharing with each other all the positive benefits of having more personal time through not having to commute. It has seen us relaunch our online running and cycling clubs, it’s providing more time to be able to get out in the fresh air with pets, more time to do school pick-ups, more time to support eating healthily. Whatever is important to all our employees there are brilliant examples of how we are celebrating these and the positive impact on personal wellbeing.

Our Mental Health First Aiders have also been fantastic at reaching out, reminding people that they are there to support all of us, whether it’s because they are experiencing health anxiety through to potential mental health impacts of not being in the office.

Don’t compromise or put off things

It can be really easy to put off important activity as working from home you can afford more time to get stuff done. Try to keep focused, stick to schedules, keep those 1:1’s in the diaries. You’ll feel better for it, it will keep collaboration going. In addition, this whole scenario has forced us to look at some of our processes and I am inspired by some of the positive changes we will make internally for the longer term in the way we operate in some of our areas.”

Featured image credit: Photo by Olesia Buyar on Unsplash

Emily Jefferies

Figleaves Content Writer Emily Jefferies has written for multiple national titles and is here to keep you up-to-date on trends, offer style advice and review the latest launches.