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For many of us working from home is a new experience. But for influencers it’s often been a way of life. We asked two of our favourites – Hayley from @frockmeimfamous and Holly from @hollyplus – for their top tips.

  1. Get up and get dressed. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to get up, shower and get dressed as you normally would if you were going to work or into the office. By all means wear comfy clothes/loungewear (not pyjamas though!). It will make you feel like you’re going to work and ready for the day.
  2. Put your phone on airplane mode. I find it super helpful to put my phone either in another room or airplane mode as it’s so easy to just check your messages and social media notifications, and before you know it you’ve wasted an hour scrolling on Instagram. I’m most productive when I don’t have my phone near me.
  3. Give yourself a lunch break. It’s important to take an hour lunch break, just as you normally would, make sure you walk away from your work station and enjoy your hour sitting in your garden, going for a walk or reading a book – do something that let’s your mind shut off and breathe for an hour.

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  1. Use different rooms. If you work in the front room all day, head to the bedroom when you’ve finished, or vice versa. Make use of the garden (if you have one) or a balcony. Changing what room you work in can help prevent that sluggish feeling from setting in.
  2. Pretend you’re going to work. This might sound like a bizarre one, but during this difficult time of working from home with kids, my husband and I take it in turns to work in the car. The boys won’t leave us alone and WILL hunt us down in the house. So we act as though we’re going to work. We can still use the internet because we’re parked outside and you can listen to the radio as loud as you want!
  3. Set a lunch time. This is a big one for me. I have my lunch at the same time every day. It helps keep a schedule and stops me wanting to eat constantly. I have an hour lunch and during that time I’ll eat, do a bit of washing or just close the laptop for a while. But scheduling that designated work break is really important.

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