It’s time to CoppaFeel!

As part of breast cancer awareness month this October, we’re supporting the charity CoppaFeel! to help bring awareness to the importance of knowing your body and regularly checking your breasts.

The CoppaFeel! mission:

  • Educating you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.
  • Encourage you to check your bust area from a young age.
  • Empowering you to start healthy habits of knowing your body and the changes.

Who created the charity?

CoppaFeel! was founded in 2009 by Kris Hallenga and her twin sister Maren. Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the age of 23; unaware that it could affect people in their twenties, Kris decided to create the charity to educate young people about the disease and how to know the signs.

What do CoppaFeel! do?

Coppafeel! is the only charity in the UK that’s dedicated to purely raising awareness and educating young men and women about checking themselves. The team heads to schools to give talks to pupils from the age of 13, they also go to festivals, universities and work places in the UK to spread the word.  While they do the job of educating, they collaborate with many other charities including Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Now and The Haven who focus on funding, research and support.

Take a look at the full CoppaFeel! A-Z of boob, here.

A is for…armpits & collarbones

You may or may not know that your breast tissue actually runs all the way from your collarbones to your armpits, so make sure you spend some time getting to know all your bits (not just the area you think of as your ‘breast’).

C is for…change in shape & size

Having one breast bigger than the other is totally fine if that’s normal for you. In fact, pretty much everyone is a little lopsided because we are human and imperfect and wonderful. But if you notice a sudden, unusual change in the size or shape of your breast(s), get it checked out.

E is for…early detection

Early detection saves lives, so tell your GP as soon as possible if you notice an unusual change to your breasts. Whilst most changes will not be anything to worry about, if your symptom does turn out to be a sign of cancer, early diagnosis means more effective treatments.

CoppaFeel! raise awareness at lots events from Big Festival to Hilly Hundred and you can join them now in collaboration with Avon to host your own ‘Boob Brunch’. It’s a fun way to spread the important message and it’s also a good excuse to meet up with you friends – download your free pack, here.

Head to the website and follow @coppafeelpeople on Instagram to show your support.

Harriet Davey

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