Top 10 best wedding movies

From tear jerkers to laugh-out-loud comedies, here’s our pick of the most iconic bridal-themed movies in the run up to your big day…

My Best Friend’s Wedding

When to watch: To check you definitely don’t have feelings for your male best friend.

Starring Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney, the two best friends swore to marry each other if they haven’t found love by the age of 28. However, when Michael tells Julianne he is due to marry Kimmy in four days, jealous Julianne flies over to see if she can halt the proceedings…

Runaway Bride

When to watch: For any getaway tips just in case you change your mind come wedding day.

Julia Roberts plays Maggie who has a trail of heartbroken ex-fiancées, some of whom she has jilted at the alter. Meanwhile journalist Richard Gere (Ike) interviews the infamous runaway bride, who is set to attempt to marry once more. But will she go through with it?

Father of the Bride

When to watch: To consider your dad’s feelings and ensure you don’t leave your wedding without letting him kiss his little girl goodbye one last time.

When George’s (played by Steve Martin) daughter arrives home from travelling, engaged to a man she met only six months ago, he puts up a fight. Despite wanting it to be cancelled, when his daughter and her fiancé have a row, he has a chance to put things right between them or see him off for good, but which will he do?

American Wedding

When to watch: To reassure you that any possible wedding day hiccups won’t be as bad as this!

The third in the American Pie movie series sees Michelle and Jim get engaged. But like anything with Jim, the lead up to the wedding doesn’t go according to plan, with Stifler causing havoc just before the big day.

27 Dresses

When to watch: When considering what you’d like your bridesmaids to wear. Be kind…

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride; that’s how Jane feels when she looks at the 27 bridesmaids dresses she is hording in her wardrobe from friends’ previous weddings. But when a journalist takes an interest in her story, maybe its Jane’s time to finally become the bride…

Four Weddings and a Funeral

When to watch: If you just need a break from wedding planning and want a really good laugh.

This famous 1994 British romcom stars Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell. The catalogue of four eventful weddings and a funeral has plot twists of relationships and friendships. Taking just six weeks to make and costing less than £3million, this movie became an unexpected sensation and multi award winner.

Meet the Parents

When to watch: To boost your belief that your in-laws do like you really and they aren’t all that bad themselves.

Gaylord Greg Focker (played by award-winning Ben Stiller) plans to propose to his girlfriend while at her parents over the weekend. However, when the airline lose his luggage containing the engagement ring, his plans are put on hold. This is just the first in a comedy of hilarious hiccups that make Greg look like a less-than-satisfactory partner as he fails to impress his future in-laws.

The Philadelphia Story

When to watch: For a look back at antiquated courtship, weddings and love movies.

This classic George Cukor-directed 1940s American romantic comedy stars Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn and James Stewart in wise cracking Oscar winning form. Based on the Broadway play, the film is about a socialite who is due to get married, but her plans are complicated by the arrival of her former husband, along with a journalist from a tabloid magazine. So who will she actually marry on the day?

Three Men and a Little Lady

When to watch: To reassure you that true love always wins. Always!

The follow on from Three Men and a Baby, this American comedy movie became a 1990 hit. Peter, Michael and Jack are living with five-year-old Mary and her mother Sylvia. Despite Sylvia dating her director, she and Peter deep down love one another. But Peter’s inability to admit this pushes Sylvia towards marrying her director boyfriend. But will Peter let it go ahead and at what cost to little Mary?


When to watch: When you fancy a laugh with the girls, particularly your bridesmaids.

This laugh-out-loud chick flick starts with Annie having lost her bakery business and her boyfriend. Her best friend Lillian gets engaged and Annie finds herself fighting off Lilian’s new friend Helen in a bid to earn maid of honour status. A catalogue of misfortunes hit troubled Annie’s attempts to impress the bride, and all the while she is ignorant to the local police man who is falling in love with her…

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