Interview: Cora Harrington aka The Lingerie Addict

Cora Harrigton created her blog The Lingerie Addict back in 2008 to educate women about trends, the history of lingerie, industry news, brands and styles that’ll suit everybody. Her passion soon became a career, and she has since gained a loyal following with nearly 48,000 followers on Instagram, and is now the author of her very own book: In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie.

TLA is a big fan of our brands; showing off gorgeous Dita Von Teese and Simon Perele lingerie on her Insta that you can shop at Figleaves. We chatted with the lingerie expert to find out what she gets asked most, how everyone can love lingerie shopping and which celebrity she would love to read her book…

Where did your love affair with lingerie begin?

Way, way back in the days of Livejournal! I remember joining some early corsetry communities in the mid-2000’s (many of those people are now luminaries in the field of corset making), and I was just fascinated by the idea of corsetry. That led to a larger interest in lingerie.

What’s the one question you’re asked most often?

It’s mainly what’s available in a given size. No matter the size, people just aren’t sure of what their options are and who makes lingerie for them. So a lot of what I do is try to connect people with the brands and stores that make and/or stock beautiful lingerie in a size that fits them.

My self-confidence is pretty stable overall. There is no one thing that makes me more confident and I think that’s a good thing.

What do you think makes your blog unique compared to other lingerie blogs?

Apart from the fact that TLA has been around longer than most any other lingerie blog, the major differentiating factor is that we’re not simply a personal style or review blog. The Lingerie Addict discusses a wide range of lingerie-related topics, from trend reports to the history of intimate apparel, in a way that no other lingerie blog does. We also have writers across the size range – from small bust to plus size and full bust – which means we’re able to cover a vast array of brands and styles.

How do you like to shop for lingerie? And what do you think would make people enjoy it more?

I personally prefer to shop for lingerie online, and a lot of that is because I both grew up and lived in places without lingerie boutiques. To me, shopping online was the only way to get access to the brands and styles I wanted to wear; that experience is not atypical for American consumers. I think knowledge of the industry and options would help people enjoy shopping for lingerie more. If you don’t know what’s out there – in terms of brands, styles, sizes, or price points – how can you feel excited to shop for lingerie?

The Lingerie Addict discusses a wide range of lingerie-related topics, from trend reports to the history of intimate apparel, in a way that no other lingerie blog does.

What are your tips for wearing underwear as outerwear?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. For some people, that means wearing something strappy and bondagey on top of their clothes, and for other people, that might mean letting a cute bra strap peek out from under a dress. But what matters most is finding a way to incorporate this aesthetic into a style that works and feels natural for you. For me, I love wearing loungewear, like robes and camisoles, as outerwear. That feels natural to me. So be willing to experiment until you discover what works for you.

How many bras do you own? Which styles should everyone own?

I own way more bras that I could possibly count or be willing to share, but I firmly believe there are no rules about which styles to own. What you buy should depend on your lifestyle, your interests, and, most importantly, what you want to wear.

I created my book to invite people like me – regular, everyday folks interested in the idea of lingerie to learn more about it and perhaps once they read it they’ll discover a new love.

What/who inspired you to write your book?

I felt like I had something to say about the lingerie industry and how to shop for lingerie that hadn’t been said before. As an industry outsider, as someone who didn’t go to fashion school or come up in a major city or start off with a lot of industry connections – I know what it’s like to feel alienated from the world of intimates. To feel like there’s nothing for you out there and I wanted to invite people like me – just regular, everyday folks who were interested in the idea of lingerie – to learn more about it and perhaps discover a love they didn’t know they had.

Which celebrity would you most like to read you book?

Beyoncé, of course!

Cora’s book ‘In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie’ is available to buy now, here.

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