Caring for your lingerie

Everything from how you clean your bras to how often you wear them can affect the fabric, quality, shape and lifespan. You can keep the detailing from wearing and the support from sagging with just a few easy steps. Enjoy your new bra for longer with a little TLC…

Top ten tips for taking care of your lingerie:

1 Firstly, read the care information in the bra’s tag.

2 It’s best to hand wash bras in tepid water using a mild detergent.

3 If you machine wash, do so on a low temperature and delicates cycle. Hot water will break down the elastic and shorten the bra’s life.

4 If machine washing, place your bra in a laundry bag to avoid becoming tangled and damaged.

5 Never put your bras in a tumble dryer or use an iron on them so as to avoid heat damage.

6 Don’t twist or wring your bras to help them dry as it could distort the cups and underwires.

7 Dry them flat so they don’t stretch.

8 Never dry on a radiator or direct heat source.

9 When storing moulded or padded bras fold them in half and put one cup inside the other. Alternatively stack them side by side.

10 Try not to wear a bra two days or more in a row. By alternating you give the fabric time to recover.

Tori Shelton

As Figleaves' garment technologist, Tori is an expert at bra fittings for both lingerie and swimwear. Working with our buyers, she manages the product from fitting to production, ensuring quality, fit and materials are the best they can be.