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Gossard Glossies

Fashion comes and goes, so it’s not often that a collection stays true to its style and manages to create longevity in such an ever changing industry. This is where Gossard is unique, and amazing.

Founded back in 1901, the lingerie giant began the journey making corsets focusing on women in the Navy and other military forces, and later focused on bras. It was the 1970’s that saw the arrival of the now favourite Gossard Glossies that are well known for the natural look under clothes.

Glossies later became discontinued as is the normal case with a collection, but made a major comeback in 2011 due to popular demand. The new, improved style that switched from fastening at the front to the hook and eye at the back allowed for larger cup and back sizes.

The unpadded, underwired bra became even more iconic after the infamous ‘girl in the grass’ ’90s campaign in 1996 featuring model Sophie Anderton.

Everyone recognises the ‘girl in the grass’ nineties campaign.

Sophie Anderton recreated the iconic ad back in 2013, 17 years after the original Gossard Glossies campaign was released. She looked just as amazing, and the lingerie is still as stylish as ever.

The new and improved style allows for the same lightweight, unpadded design with ordinary width straps that are suitable for curvier women too.

Here at Figleaves the staple style is a most-loved item and a bestseller, and in cup sizes A-G it really is  suitable for all. Our recent campaign (below) featuring the Gossard Glossies shows how the bra looks universally gorgeous.

Unique features of the Glossies

  • Innovative lightweight moulded cup developed for the finest lightweight and support.
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit.
  • A-E features hooks at the base of the strap, with the option of wearing the straps crossed back.
  • Sizes DD-G feature inner tulle net sling for extra support, lift and projection.
  • The larger cup sizes have the same appearance as core but have double the strength.
  • The matching thong has a lightweight barely there elastic that gives minimal VPL.
  • Any elastic is sewn between fabric layers for comfortable support.

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Big boobs and sexy/feminine bras tend to not go hand in hand, but this design changes all that. I’m an E cup and the Gossard Glossies give a combination of good support with sturdy under wiring BUT it also looks nice and delicate and the straps aren’t horribly thick. Great value for money too – best bra ever!

Customer review by ClaudiaC

Berry Gossard

When Gossard reintroduced this bra a few years ago I was so happy, and continue to be so. It’s just the most comfortable, flattering bra I’ve ever had. No extra padding, lovely fabric, much more durable than it looks. I hope they never stop making it.

Customer review by Lingering

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