The Little Magpie’s New York story

Amy Spencer, who may be more familiarly known as ‘The Little Magpie’, is one of our #FriendsofFigleaves and we’ve teamed up with the Scottish influencer to show off some of our latest, and her favourite pieces.

The Little Magpie is a self-confessed loungewear lover: “Ah, jammies. I actually can’t say the word without a contented sigh. I LOVE jammies. I live for jammies. As soon as I get in in the evening after a long day I kick off whatever I’m wearing and slip into a pair as soon as is humanly possible, normally whilst simultaneously hitting the kettle on in true British fashion.” This is why we wanted to follow her journey in New York, and explore her edit of our luxe nightwear.

From the classic top and short DKNY Signature PJ set above that Amy said made her ‘feel slightly like a stylish tennis player’ (it also comes in black and grey, FYI). To our very own gorgeous printed Hummingbird Chemise, The Little Magpie is a new fan of, “I was very late to jump on the nightie bandwagon – I don’t think I actually got my first one until last year and realised they’re actually quite good for making you feel all slinky and lovely and…Audrey Hepburn-esque.”

Add to this cashmere two-pieces, Calvin Klein sets and more satin, lace and printed pyjamas than you could ever wish for and your capsule nightwear and loungewear collection will be complete. Because in the words of @little_magpie1 “Figleaves literally has something for everyone”.

The sheer delight I get in saying ‘I think I’ll get my comfies on’ is akin to the feeling you get when someone says ‘let’s order a Chinese’.

There is genuinely nothing Grandma Amy likes more than getting jammies on, and cuddling up in front of a good film with a hot chocolate.

See more of Amy’s amazing loungewear and nightwear edit over at now.

Harriet Davey

As a fashion editor and stylist for many publications and brands, Harriet is here to deliver exciting fashion news and interviews, discuss the latest trends and collections and be on hand for endless style inspiration.