You may be liable for import duty/tax on goods entering your country. The amount of duty (if any) depends on the type of goods you buy and their value; some items can be imported without paying any duty at all.

Unfortunately we can't predict what the charges might be in any particular case. Any additional charges for customs clearance are the responsibility of the addressee. These are imposed by the customs authorities in the destination country, we have no control over them and unfortunately can't take responsibility for them.

We're legally obliged to declare the full value of the goods on all packages shipping outside the EU, so please don't ask us to do otherwise as it won't be possible If delivery can't be completed due to unpaid import duties, when the parcel comes back to us a £20 fee may be deducted from your refund to cover the return charges and fees that we're billed by the carrier.

Returning goods on which duty has been paid

Please clearly mark your return parcel as 'Returned Goods'. If this isn't done and Figleaves incur any incoming customs charges as a result, then unfortunately these charges will need to be passed on to you. If you've paid import duty for items bought which you then return to us, it should be possible for you to claim a refund of duties from your local customs authority. To do this, you'll need to show them proof of duty paid and proof of re-export (e.g. your certificate of return posting) when claiming your refund.

For any questions about duty payable or refundable, please contact your local customs authority direct.