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5 Reasons To Get Moving


Feeling the January blues? Well to help you start the year feeling positive, we’re sharing our five reasons to get up and get moving. For us, there really is no better mood booster than exercise. Whether its yoga, running or even going for a walk, kick starting your year with a new workout plan can really make you feel brighter and enhance your mood. The benefits of exercise are pretty endless, but here are our top tips to banish those blues and begin the year feeling amazing.

1. Combat Stress

Regular exercise not only helps you to get fit and stay healthy, but it’s scientifically proven that working out can reduce stress and anxiety levels. This is thanks to the release of endorphins, “the happy hormone”, which will leave you feeling more positive, energised and empowered. And if you choose an exercise you actually enjoy, you’ll feel extra motivated and be much more likely to stick to it!

2. Technology Detox

From social media to smart phones and laptops, it is pretty easy to become overwhelmed with technology in day-to-day life. Being glued to a screen all day long isn’t the best thing when it comes to looking after your mind and body. If you think you might be overdoing screen-time, then why take a little break by going for a walk on your lunch hour or go for a run after work – just remember to leave any form of technology behind!

3. 'You' Time

We all lead exceptionally busy lives nowadays, which can make it all too easy to forget to take time for yourself. Curling up on the sofa is pretty tempting, but it’s important to balance lazy days with something that gets you moving too. This doesn’t have to be anything too vigorous either. Yoga or Pilates is great as it allows you to focus on your breathing and move at a slower pace.

4. Anywhere, Everywhere

One of the best things about working out is that you can literally do it anywhere and everywhere – outside, at home, on holiday. And it’s free! Plus, you don’t even have to be a member of a gym to get fit. Get creative and try experimenting with different types of exercise, this will help you to figure out what you like doing best and will make it easier to stick to a regime.

5. Workout Wardrobe

Exercise is so much easier if you’ve got the right kit to accompany your workouts. And it’s also a great excuse to treat yourself! You’ll feel much more motivated and comfortable if you’re wearing the appropriate attire. A sports bra is an absolute essential, even if you’re doing low impact exercise. Also, opt for breathable, moisture-wicking styles and clothes that offer freedom of movement to ensure maximum comfort.


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