At home with Kaz Foncette

Spending time at home has taken on new meaning this year. Our favourite influencers invited us to hang out socially (distanced) and share a day in their life… First up is Kaz… Cue an incredibly inspiring life story and some beautifully styled lingerie and loungewear.

When Kaz Foncette says “A day in my life is unpredictable. I am learning to let go of the negative,” she isn’t just referring to the consequences of the pandemic.
Three years ago Kaz, who is one of our most loved Friends of Figleaves, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The experience unsurprisingly changed her life. Kaz gave up her HR job and began an inspiring social media career. She also set about helping other young women who found themselves in her position by establishing the Wigs For Heroes charity which she describes as her greatest achievement.

“Great lingerie to me means feeling good from the inside out.”

Hair is a big thing for Kaz and her identity – she says especially so as a Turkish Cypriot woman. When it began falling out in lumps as a consequence of treatment, she was shocked to discover the wig options available on the NHS. More appropriate for 90-year-olds, as she says. So Kaz set up Wigs for Heroes to help younger people like herself access stylish wigs and to date has raised £20,000 along with sponsorship from MacMillan Cancer Support.

When she isn’t fund raising, Kaz lists her passions as singing, photography, styling and discovering new foods, travel “which I can’t wait to do again” and writing. Figleaves regulars will know that a number of these come together in Kaz’s Instagram standout account @kazfoncette. “I also have turned my passion for styling and storytelling into a content creating career,” she says. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with amazing brands like Figleaves who champion diversity. I love that I can be myself, keep a fire burning for what I love doing all whilst being able to inspire and support others in my community, it’s like a dream come true.”

The pandemic has made it especially difficult to fundraise and heightened feelings of isolation. Typically Kaz has responded. This month she is holding Heroes Coffee Club, weekly online meet ups for people shielding or those with cancer. They provide a little extra company during the pandemic: “We are here to uplift each other, share stories, advice and tips and be a digital shoulder to lean on. Remember you are never alone.”

So taking time out from what Kaz is doing for others, what has the pandemic taught her about herself: “In the last year I’ve learnt that I’m a strong Turkish woman, I am resilient and I can get through anything.”

If you want to find out more about Wigs for Heroes or donate check out @wigsforheroes

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Jo Jeffery

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