At home with Rachel Grim

Rachel Grim’s journey over the past year has taught her a lesson which is changing her life – and others’. “I’ve learnt so much over the past year about what it means to be an entrepreneur and empowered woman,” she says. “I’ve learnt that being an empowered female isn’t just about me and how I feel about my goals and dreams, how I feel in my body but how we feel in OUR bodies, how we as women as a whole support each other. I believe that female empowerment is a circle. It’s teamwork. And we cannot get there without each other.”

It’s this ethos that’s behind the coaching and support service Ditch the Clique, launched last year by Rachel. Via events, one-on-ones, articles on her blog and posts on her insta @RachelKGrim, Rachel helps women create a plan and goals and then keep on track to live the life they dream.

Rachel is also an incredibly talented content creator and we were super excited when she agreed to join our Friends of Figleaves social community. She acknowledges that prior to this her relationship with her bras was far from ideal: “I had always been the friend with the big boobs. The one who never had the right fitting bras… Enter Figleaves who taught me how a bra should fit. Now I never have a band that’s too tight… I never have my straps falling down and pulling them up all day. I never have an underwire poking me under the arm. I actually feel comfortable and confident in my bra.”

Rachel says as an entrepreneur and an empowerment activist every day her life looks different: “But there are a few key things that connect my days and one of those few commonalities would definitely be bras and how I feel about my body. Whether I am working from home wearing a bralette or heading to the gym or I am being sexy for a night in or a night out, I know when I wear Figleaves I’m going to feel confident and comfortable and good about myself. I just love that my bra matches how I feel about me. It lets my body feel good.”

And her favourite style? “My absolute favourite would be the Harper flexiwire bralette,” she says. “I’ve never really been a bralette gal, mainly because I have big boobs that need to be properly supported and I never felt I found a bralette that did so. But the Harper flexiwire bralette does that. It supports me and makes me feel comfortable on those days I don’t want to wear a bra but need to. Plus it’s super cute with the lace. It’s an awesome layering piece.”

Learn more about Rachel and Ditch the Clique at and on Instagram @rachelkgrim @ditchtheclique

Jo Jeffery

Jo Jeffery is on a mission to spread the message that every body fits at Figleaves - through content and PR that celebrates inclusivity and diversity.