At home with Rebekah Wilkinson

Rebekah’s Wilkinson’s posts on @figleavesofficial are regularly our most popular so when we decided to hang out (socially) distanced with some of our favourite influencers to see how they have been navigating these challenging times we knew we just had to check in with her.

Beck has been an ostomate since 2011 and through @thebaglifeofbeck advocates normalising all bodies. And it’s working. In addition to just providing our most engaged post ever on our Instagram, earlier this month she hosted the Tuesday Takeover on the mega Instagram account @Zoella, answering questions on living with her bag.

The past year has been a challenging one for Beck as she recuperated from a surgery to make her stoma bag permanent. “I feel the way I’ve dealt with it is something to be proud of. I’m much healthier and in a better place,” she says. “I’ve also learnt I’m very adaptable, especially in these uncertain times with COVID.”

If I have a great lingerie set on my confidence all of a sudden boosts, I feel wonderful.

Beck is keen to stress that she has never let her illness define her, even if at times this has been difficult. She is proud that she has not only held down her job but advanced her career through testing times for her health. It’s something she attributes partly to a stubborn streak. If you follow Beck on Instragram you’ll know she carries the message that she is more than her stoma

“I think going through what I have in life has made me a very compassionate person,” she says. “I just want to help other people believe in themselves and to trust the process. I just hope I can share my life knowing that I can bring hope to others.”

Compassion starts with being kind to yourself. That means that we don’t always feel like challenging the world. As Beck says: “Some days I’ll quite happily wear my bag on show and others I’m happy to cover it up. Being confident in our own skin is one difficult journey and each day is different. One day I can be confident and the next I want to cover up and that’s ok. Our journeys, bodies and minds are different and it’s ok to be at different places with our body acceptance. Just know our worth is forever equal and you’re not any less of a human for having a different body. Bag out or bag hidden it’s still me and I love my body both ways.”

We do too Beck.

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Jo Jeffery

Jo Jeffery is on a mission to spread the message that every body fits at Figleaves - through content and PR that celebrates inclusivity and diversity.