Finding your personal fit with Juliette Lace

So you know your size but find that even so some bras just don’t seem a perfect fit. Well while we may share a size, our shapes can be different – some of us have narrow shoulders and others wider set breasts, for example. There are different style bras that particularly suit certain shapes. And the good news is Figleaves’ best-oselling Juliette Lace collection is designed with this in mind. And it’s super pretty to and runs to a GG cup.

Balconette bra

Ideal for… Fuller or wider set breasts that need to be lifted and supported

If… You have slightly narrow shoulders, this style might not be the best for your shape. Try a plunge or full cup instead.

Key features… Wide set straps, horizontal neckline, support from the base of the cup lifting the breasts, underwired

Works well with… Low cut square necklines

T-shirt bra

Ideal for… Breasts where nipples face ‘east west’

If… You have a very full breast, moulded styles might dig in a little so opt for a non-padded version with a stretch top cup

Key features… Creates a smooth and seamfree look, padded moulded cups ensure no nipple show through, underwired, comfortable for all day/everyday wear

Works well with… Styles where a traditional bra may show lines and bumps through your top


Ideal for… Most shapes but especially so for those of us with one breast bigger than the other as it’s stretchy

If… You want to avoid nipple show through opt for a t-shirt style instead

Key features… Semi sheer stretchy cups, lightweight and easy to wear, underwired

Works well with… Most clothing, although with tight fitting clothing there may be nipple show through


Maternity and nursing bra

Ideal for… The changes your body go through during pregnancy and then nursing

If… You want to find out more about how your breasts will change during and after pregnancy check out our guide:

Key features… Drop cups, flexiwire that moves with you, extended rows of hooks and eyes

Works well with… Your later months of pregnancy and feeding baby


Ideal for… Most women, but particularly those with narrow shoulders, shallow breasts or a convex ribcage – as the centre front should be lower than other styles

If… You have large full breasts, a full cup bra with a slightly deeper centre front might be more comfortable

Key features… A shallow centre front helps create cleavage, less covering than a full cup or balconette, padded, underwired

Works well with… Clothing with a low ‘V’ neckline

Non wire bralette

Ideal for… Small breasts that do not need wired support or very large breasts where wires may be uncomfortable but also great for any of us seeking total comfort

If… You want maximum cleavage this is not the style for you

Key features… Deep underband and firm bottom cup for support, non-wired, stretch lace upper cup for a flexible fit

Works well with… Most clothing, particularly slightly higher necklines as, like most bralettes, a full cup style

Jo Jeffery

Jo Jeffery is on a mission to spread the message that every body fits at Figleaves - through content and PR that celebrates inclusivity and diversity.