Do you struggle to find a swimsuit that a) doesn’t ride up in all the wrong places? Or b) expose your bust for all the world to see? If you can relate to either question then you’re probably the proud owner of a long torso! If this is the case then we’ve got great news to share. We have an array of beautiful swimsuits that have been specially designed longer in the body, so you can feel great in the perfect fit.

" Our Figleaves own brand longer length swimsuits are 3cm longer in the front and back for a perfect fit. "

You don’t have to be tall to have a long torso either. Our Swimwear Buyer, Sam Winyard says: “Being tall doesn’t necessarily mean you have a long body. You can be tall or short and still have a long torso. The key to finding the perfect fit is all about your swimsuit being in proportion to your body shape.”

Extended length swimsuits can still be stylish too. Our one-pieces are enhanced with bold prints, spot mesh and contrast trims for a splash of colour.

So why not put your torso to the test with our easy step-by-step guide -

1) Pass the tape measure through your legs.

2) Meet the end of your tape measure at the top of your shoulder.

3) Make sure the tape runs over the centre of your breast.

4) If the measurement is 62 inches or more, then you have a long body. Find the style to suit you with our range of longer length swimsuits below...



Jessica Flexton


With a love for lingerie, an obsession with the beach and an eye for style, Figleaves Editor, Jessica Flexton, talks everything from the latest trends to new collections and exclusive features.