Mastectomy Bra Guide


Looking for a mastectomy bra can be an emotional and overwhelming experience, so we wanted to give you all the information you need to make finding your new bra as simple as possible. From measuring up before surgery, to what features to look for in a mastectomy bra.

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Pre and Post Surgery

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Pre Surgery

Depending on the procedure, the size of your prosthesis will usually be based on your breast size before surgery. So take the opportunity to check your correct bra size to ensure you receive the right size prosthesis and to help your bra selection and fitting process post surgery.

Reconstruction and lumpectomy

Following either reconstruction or lumpectomy, a controlled compression bra is often suggested to be worn after surgery. These bras contribute to healing, and in some cases minimise scarring due to the compression controlling and reducing the movement of the bust.

Compression bras have your comfort and ease in mind, so are made with features like front fasteners, front adjusting velcro straps, seamless cups and deep soft underbands. They are usually made with a breathable fabric and some even have antimicrobial properties to help maintain maximum cleanliness.


For single or double mastectomy surgery, comfort is vital immediately after surgery. Unlike a lumpectomy, compression is not required after a mastectomy due to the nature and positioning of the surgery.

Once the wounds have begun to heal, you may be given a prosthesis by the hospital to wear for the first six to eight weeks. After this, if a medical professional or breast care unit advises, you can start to find a new breast form.

What to look for in a mastectomy bra

What to look for in a mastectomy bra

Mastectomy bras are often made of cotton or soft microfibre for ultimate comfort. The bras often have deep sides, higher centre fronts and stretchy cups with pockets to allow for a prosthesis. Depending on the surgery, a single or double prosthesis can be worn with these bras.

Here’s what to look for

Finding a bra for your breast form

For women who have had a single mastectomy, it is key to fit a bra to the natural breast to ensure a realistic and even profile is achieved, as well as ensuring that the natural breast is correctly and comfortably supported.

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Finding a bra for your breast form
Anatomy of a Mastectomy Bra
Mastectomy bra front + + + +
Mastectomy bra back + + + + +

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Swimwear for you

If you’re heading to the beach or frequenting the pool, you need to feel confidently you. So browse our range of mastectomy swimwear, featuring prosthesis pockets to allow you to create your shape and feel supported in style.

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Padded Straps

Soft and/or padded straps give even and comfortable weight distribution.

Higher Neckline

A higher cut neckline for a more secure fit and to ensure breast forms don’t move or slip.


Breathable and soft fabric, usually cotton or microfibre.

Deeper Underbands

Deeper and softer under bands for freedom to move and comfort.

Internal Pockets

Internal pockets for a secure fit for breast forms and prosthesis.

Deep Centre Front

Deep centre front for security and comfort as well as better shape definition through separation of the natural bust and breast form.

Raised Underarms

Slightly higher underarms help to conceal any scarring, and are seamless to ensure they don’t cause irritation.

Seamless Material

Seamless and soft material reduces irritation on scars.

Padded Hook & Eyes

Hook and eyes sometimes padded for extra comfort. Some bras feature an extra extension to allow for increased comfort post surgery.