Ordering and Payment


You're currently on our US website, which is priced in USD. You're welcome to shop on our UK website if you prefer, but please be aware that orders placed on that site will be charged in GBP, and converted by your bank at the prevailing exchange rate. To avoid any misunderstanding, if you're a US customer shopping for the first time on our UK (GBP) site, you may be contacted to confirm that this was intentional before your order is accepted.

Even though transactions on this site are carried out in US Dollars, some US banks may still levy an international transaction fee for shopping outside the US. Not all banks do this, so to find out if this may affect you please check the terms and conditions on your credit card, as unfortunately we can't accept any responsibility for these charges, which are completely outside our control. Please note: All orders are shipped from our UK warehouse.

We currently accept the following payment types to pay for your order:

  • Amex
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Paypal
  • VISA
  • Diner's Club International
  • Discover


Your card is only charged when your items are shipped from our warehouse.

You can choose to save your card details at checkout for ease of use on future orders. This process is totally secure.

All credit & debit cards are validated & authorised by us and the card issuer to prevent any fraud issues.

Sorry, but we're unable to accept cheques, bank transfer or any payment method other than those listed above.


Please note that it's not possible to combine PayPal with any other payment method (e.g. Figleaves gift cards). For any questions or to find out more, visit the Paypal website.


If you have a Figleaves gift card or e-gift card you can enter the 16 digit number at the checkout. You can use up to 4 gift card numbers on each order you place.

Check the balance of a gift card here.

If the balance on your gift card isn't enough to meet the full value of the order, you'll also be asked to add credit/debit card details to cover the difference.

You can also send someone an e-gift card straight to their email address* with your personal message, so no need to wait for the post if you’ve left it a bit late!

Gift cards expire after one year from the date of issue.

Please note that we're not able to give out details of a gift card to anyone other than the person who bought it.


* This will be done as soon as possible, subject to payment authorisation. We'll normally either issue your e-gift card, or contact you if there's a problem.


Enter the promo code in the box when you click on your Shopping Bag.

You will get a message to say that your promo code has been applied, and you’ll be able to see this as your items will show the discount applied.



  • Promo codes only work on full price items
  • Some brands are excluded from promotions
  • Codes may only apply for certain items
  • Most codes will have an end date


Full promo terms & conditions can be seen here.


We have two websites - our US site which you're on now, and our UK site. Whichever site you order from, your goods will be shipped from the UK.

On our US site, all transactions are completed in USD. By shopping on that site you agree to be charged in USD.

On our UK site, all transactions are completed in GBP. By shopping on this site you agree to be charged in GBP.

As we're a UK-registered company, if you're using a card issued in any other country your bank may levy an international transaction fee. There may also be a currency conversion charge if the transaction isn't completed in your native currency. To find out whether either of these will affect you, please check the terms and conditions of your payment card. Unfortunately, we can't accept responsibility for any such charges, which are beyond our control.

You can check which site you're on at any time by looking at the very top left of any page. You can also tell by looking at the currency symbol on any product price. This will be either $ (USD) on our US site or £ (GBP) on our UK site.