The forgotten ski season essential


Thermals; check. Goggles; check. Skis; check. But there’s one must-have that many are forgetting to take with them to the snow-clad slopes…

What better way to escape the buzz of phones, ping of emails and fast-paced schedules than a trip to the snow-capped mountains, breathing in cool, crisp air.

Snow sports have increased in popularity since Great Britain’s record-breaking performance in the 2014 Winter Olympics, with between 1 million and 1.3 million Brits now frequenting the slopes annually, according to Ski Club of Great Britain.

With the most common spend being between £750 and £1,000 per person, but with some tipping £1,500 each, skiing is definitely a luxury. Yet it is also an extreme sport, and requires sufficient support from a sports bra – which not all women consider. Given you can pick up a sports bra from around £30 and wear it all year for other exercise, it’s certainly a worthwhile piste investment.

What support do skiers need?

Skiing is considered to be a medium-impact sport, and can burn over 450 calories per hour, depending on the intensity. But for off-piste, air-jumping near pros, high-impact support may be more suitable.

Tara Wilson, brand marketing coordinator for Panache, says, “Just like when participating in any other sport, it is important to make sure your breasts are well supported. Exercise without supporting the ligaments can lead to stretching and sagging so it’s always best to take extra precautions to avoid that happening.”

Tara advises, “The most important thing to look for in a bra when skiing is comfort. Ski days are long and require stamina, so you don’t want to be worrying about an ill-fitting, uncomfortable bra.”

Jemma Barnes, managing director for Anita, advises to check the breathability of your sports bra. “You wear lots of layers when skiing, so opt for a light, cool bra with sweat management materials,” she says.

Jemma adds, “Also consider shape. Apres ski is an important part of the mountain experience and while many sports bras flatten the chest, choose one that shapes and enhances your bust so you look great when you peel off the layers ready for some beverages.”

Bras with a racer back option allow for extra support and freedom of movement while on-piste, and non-slip straps allow you to twist and turn your way down the slopes.

Whether you choose to ski, snowboard, hike or ice skate in the snowy mountains this year, ensure you have the right sports bra underneath your layers of thermals.

Our top pick of ski sports bras

Panache Moulded sports bra
The Panache Moulded sports bra offers support with a soft, cushioned underwire, as well as maintaining a feminine defined shape, so you’re apres ski ready when you remove your multiple layers. The wide cushioned straps and seam-free cups allow for extra comfort whether you snowplough or slalom, and the breathable outer layer helps keep you cool and dry. Plus the optional racer back feature gives extra comfort and support on the slopes if you need.

Anita Maximum Support Air Control sports bra
The Anita Maximum Support Air Control sports bra stabilises the bust and its seam-free interior prevents any possible rubbing while moving around. It also boasts innovative Delta Pads; foam cups which give a more rounded feminine bust shape, ensuring you’ll look great going from slope to sundowners. The straps are curved and padded and the underbust is soft so it can shape to your body for a comfortable, perfect fit. Plus, the highly permeable material will help you stay cool and dry under your layers of thermals.

Shock Absorber Fly sports bra
The lightness of the Shock Absorber Fly sports bra, makes it the perfect addition to your skiwear to sit underneath your heavy layers. But don’t be deceived by this, because it still gives ski-worthy support with its unique cross control technology, combining laser cutting, bonding and moulding.

Three layers of fabric are bonded together and moulded to the breast’s shape to absorb both internal and external movement. Non-slip straps, brushed elastic to reduce friction and moisture-wicking material all provide comfort in the snowy mountains.

Freya Sonic underwired sports bra
The Freya Active sports bra gives excellent ski support, with a wide underbust and underwire, along with a double lining. The adjustable padded straps can also be fashioned into a racer back for extra support and comfort on long, active days on the slopes. The moulded cups allow for a feminine shape if you go out in the same attire in the evening, and the mesh panels and Coolmax fabric help keep you dry and cool no matter how hard you ski.


Laura Barrett


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